Tunnel Beach

Not for the faint hearted!  But well worth the cardio exertion on the way back UP the track!


One of the most amazing pieces of Dunedin Coastline (except for Karitane naturally) that you will see. 

Head south on the motorway from Dunedin towards the airport turning left and driving through Corstophine onto Blackhead Rd then you turn left onto Tunnel Beach Rd.  Park at the end of the road, take a deep breath and head down the track, as you descend to the coastline and the famous tunnel. Word of advice – do take some water with you, especially if it’s a hot day!

The tunnel was built in 1870 at the request of John Cargill who lived nearby at a property called Sea View.  John was the son of William Cargill who had built - Cargills Castle (a nearby ruin). Local legend says that John had the tunnel built for his daughter so she could enter the beach to swim and tragically died doing so on her 16th birthday. No records can be found to substantiate this tragic story, but luckily for us John Cargill did build this amazing feature that still today draws locals and tourists alike and permits them to experience a truly remarkable part of the Otago coastline  - close up.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this area, and just remember it provides the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of wine afterwards, you will have earned it on the walk back up the track!


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