Shag Point or Matakaea

1. (location) Shag Point (Otago coast).

Ko 'Araiteuru' he waka i haere mai i Hawaiki, i rere mai i ērā moana whiti mai ki tēnei moana. I tahuri taua waka ki te kūrae o Matakaea i te takiwā o Ōtākou (TPH 15/10/1902:6). / 'Araiteuru' was a canoe that came from Hawaiki and sailed from those seas across to this ocean. That canoe capsized at the headland of Shag Point in the Otago region.


The Real Sea World

Heading north from Karitane for a day trip? First stop Shag Point about 20 to 25 mins drive ON SH1 from Palmerston.  This is a seal colony, great for wildlife viewing and never fails to delight.  Make sure you take your camera!  Over a number of small rocky inlets you’ll find a number of seals – lounging and swimming just meters away.  This area used to be an old coal mining area so as well as some old equipment still there, there are also some old mine shafts – so don’t stray off the path no matter how tempting it is to get that close up shot of that cute seal!

Its quite an exposed area of the coast so always a good idea to take a warm jacket and keep an eye out to the sea – you might be lucky enough to spot a whale or dolphin, we never have but they are there!

Please remember that visitors are requested to eat and drink only in designated areas, away from burial grounds and other sacred sites.

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